Comtec is now CSG

CSG Expands Output Solutions Capabilities through Acquisition of Comtec

Today, CSG is the trusted provider of Output solutions for blue chip clients across the cable, telecommunications, satellite, utilities, and financial services industries. With the acquisition of Comtec Incorporate, CSG expands its capabilities ensuring that all clients receive the industry’s leading set of statement output, document management, and marketing services capabilities.

Printing over 63 million statements each month, CSG is committed to ensuring that the monthly statement is more than a bill – instead an opportunity to communicate directly with end customers. CSG, including through the Comtec acquisition, provides clients the ability to:

  • Target your communications, converge data streams and household the many letters currently being mailed separately.

  • Improve your call center productivity, answer billing-related customer inquiries and up-sell products/services or email/fax copies of documents.

  • Offer electronic bill presentment to your customers without going through a difficult and expensive implementation project.

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